Sunday, August 5, 2007

Summer Beach Party Continues

Psycho Beach Party

It's campy! It's corny! What's more fun than go-go dancing and transvestites? You tell me! Featuring Six Feet Under's Lauren Ambrose in a crazy, whacked out teen dance party slasher film! Lauren Ambrose channels Sandra Dee as Florence "Chicklet" Forrest. Amy Adams (Junebug) is the voluptuous, hot to trot, Marvel Ann; the girl in the way of the dreamy stud, Starcat (get it?) who is the guy Chicklet really wants. Thomas Gibson of "Dharma & Greg" fame plays the mighty Kanaka, who rhymes his lines like a crazy beatnik; he rules the beach and is head surfer dude to the homoerotic wrestling gang. But someone's killing the gang on the beach. Who can it be? Is it one of them? And what makes Chicklet go into a crazy trance, changing her into several aggressive personalities? Could she be the killer?

Still haven't peaked your interest? Then check out the trailer:

Psycho Beach Party Soundtrack features music from Los Straitjackets (who also make a cameo in the film), The Halibuts, Man or Astroman? and the Hillbilly Soul Surfers! Also, look for a cameo by Steve Wozniak!

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