Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dwight Yoakam and Dave Alvin

I just love you tube, I waste so much time going back into the wayback machine finding all kinds of crazy stuff I'd forgot. Back in the '80's, there was a local L.A. cable access show called Art Fein's Poker Party. Art Fein had the best roots rock/talk show ever. I've heard it's back on the air, unfortunately I can't get it where I live now, so I have you tube to watch the highlights.

A few years ago, there was a club in North Hollywood called the Palomino Club. They featured all the country greats and legends, also allowed up-and-coming rockabilly and roots bands to play on off nights. My friends and I were huge Blasters fans, one of my friends befriended Dave Alvin, one of the two brothers who started the band. He told my friend to check out this guy called Dwight Yoakam playing his first show there. So we went. I was blown away by Dwight, even though he was so shy he played with his back to the crowd most of the show, or kept his head down with his hat pulled so far forward you couldn't see his face. This was in the early '80's, obviously he's overcome his shyness. Here's a little bit shy (note the dark shades) Dwight Yoakam and baby faced Dave Alvin playing on Art Fein's Poker Party in 1986.

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