Sunday, April 20, 2008

Winter Steele!

Years ago, when MTV was cool, there was a show called Liquid Television that showed animated shorts. One of the shorts was called "Winter Steele," my best friend and I watched it religiously and quoted it constantly. It was a crudely created puppet show about a biker chick on the road looking for her "old man" Crow Dickerson. She had white blonde hair with black roots, possibly a role model for the chicks that are currently on "Rock of Love." Some of our favorite scenes were when Winter finally finds Crows mother, she tells Winter, "Whadda ya say we score us some Aqua Velva and keep this party rollin'?" On another episode, the police have surrounded her as shes climbing the hospital wall trying to get to her old man. They yell, "You have the right to remain silent.." to which she responds "You have the right to lick my pointy boot ya fricken nazi!" I've never been able to find the full length show anywhere (MTV chopped it into to 4 minute segments). So it was a fluke when I googled it and found that the creator of the show had recently uploaded them to youtube! Halle-lew-yer!

Here's episode one... the rest are here

Oh yeah, I also found Dog Boy!

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